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The Country

Six acres of land. A golf course on one side with farmers and Dairy Queen on the other side. #Neighbors

The Country 🎵 is where I spent most of my days.  With my grandparents.





Thanks, Buddy!

Last year on my business trip to North Carolina, #ILoveYou, I had the pleasure of meeting Buddy and wife, Leah. When our meal was served, we began to chat about food. And when dessert was served, we, of course, began to chat about dessert. Specifically, #Cake 😉

Buddy said he had the best pound cake recipe. I was all ears. The next morning, Buddy handed me a typed recipe for COLD OVEN POUND CAKE 😍

#Delicious    #ILoveIt


Thanks, Buddy!

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Or, please share your favorite pound cake recipe!
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