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Back by popular demand , it’s the 

April Adams

and ME!!! 


Yes! Thaaat’s right! SATURDAY 10am -12 noon @ Booth 944

🎵 Just call my name and I’ll be there 😄 

*Come meet & greet with ME! (Happy to see you!)

*Come get a personal autograph on all book purchase from ME! (Every good book deserves an autograph! 😉 )

*You can even take pictures with ME! (All smiles!)

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is almost here/Boing Boing

Like my book!😉😛😃

🎵 Come see about me. 😉 Just walk down Truesdale Way to Booth 944


Sing a little sumtin- sumtin of  my favorite song!  

Question #1: What is my favorite song? What could it possibly be?!!!

 Question #2: 

Los Angeles Times

 Lets toast! #NationalAmarettoDay 

#illDrinktoThat 😄 

Share your thoughts and feelings TODAY.

*Every participant is automatically entered to win a grand prize $100 Gift Card!!!
Hint. Hint. The answer to #1 is 🎤 Say my name, say my name 😂😂😂😂
Hint. Hint. The answer to #2 is YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! or it’s sequel YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND! The titles to both BOOKS BY YOURS TRULY, My Chérie Amour.

I’ll Be There ~ Jackson 5

Come See About Me ~ The Supremes 

Say My Name ~ Destiny’s Child

Leftovers New 

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Thanksgiving food, however, lingers on.  So, what do you do?  There’s the  good ol’ cold turkey sandwich. 😀. But, that’s so old school. So, what do you do?  I say out with the old and in with new, 

 A grilled cheese Mac&Cheese sandwich 😍 #ohmyooeygooeygoodness

🎵 And you, and you, and you…you’re gonna love meeeee

Beat it jive  leftover turkey!  The Mac&Cheese stole the turkey leftovers show !!! Maybe tomorrow.  Today, it’s leftovers new😄

Question: What leftovers have made into something new?  Pictures welcome.

#leftovers, #beatitjiveturkey, #mac&cheese, #iloveleftovers, #mynewboo, #allinthenameofleftovers


🎵 I gotta have YOU,  I gotta have YOU, I gotta have YOU

   🎵  See, you make me happy as I can be , Your love is a guarantee in a world of changes 

I say thank YOU!

Thank you everyone for the flowers  

for the plants 

 (My favorite plant, by the way 😉)

The  cards

 I’m touched!

The chocolate  

 (Oooooh, the chocolate!😍)

And the rest & relaxation  

🎵 Look at how you turned my world inside out,  I’m lovin’ what You’re about You won my faith cause also when you picked my life up again.

I say thank You!

🎵 You Make Me Wanna Dance


I feel the love and I just can’t thank you ENOUGH 😊.  

I Gotta Have You ~ Jonathan Reynolds 

You Make Me Wanna Dance ~ Rance Allen Group 

Q: What makes you, YOU? Why?