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Seize the Day!

Did you know 

So, #SeizetheDay

Worth the Read

My favorite books are


Hint. Hint…


Yes, it is also #NationalStressAwarenessDay (by the way did you know 

National Days

Ooooh! I love me some chocolate desserts Forever-ever ( See my previous post with the same name😉 )

So, again I say #SeizetheDay
Go get ready, 


Friendly Dental Group

Did you know it is also NationalBrushDay

put on your best dress 

Read It Forward

Personally I vote for the full gown with color to the right, but if you think less is more, well then 

Tommy Hilfigure book print dress-Gigi’s Gone Shopping

Or your best tie 




26 Letter Journey




Tina Reber

Read It!

You’ve Got Mail! Metropolitan Library System

“Hello Ms. Stevie Wonder. I just want to say hello. Your profile definitely caught my attention. It’s almost as attractive as your photograph (smile).  Thank you for allowing me to intrude briefly. Take care and be safe. ” Signed, Derek. 
The introduction to his profile read ‘Looking for honest friends only….LIARS BEGONE.’ 


Read more about Derek in your AUTOGRAPHED COPY TODAY!

And while you’re at it 

The SweetsLife

I’ve got two 

Couldn’t Be Parve


One for me


And two for you 











Back by popular demand , it’s the 

April Adams

and ME!!! 


Yes! Thaaat’s right! SATURDAY 10am -12 noon @ Booth 944

🎵 Just call my name and I’ll be there 😄 

*Come meet & greet with ME! (Happy to see you!)

*Come get a personal autograph on all book purchase from ME! (Every good book deserves an autograph! 😉 )

*You can even take pictures with ME! (All smiles!)

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is almost here/Boing Boing

Like my book!😉😛😃

🎵 Come see about me. 😉 Just walk down Truesdale Way to Booth 944


Sing a little sumtin- sumtin of  my favorite song!  

Question #1: What is my favorite song? What could it possibly be?!!!

 Question #2: 

Los Angeles Times

 Lets toast! #NationalAmarettoDay 

#illDrinktoThat 😄 

Share your thoughts and feelings TODAY.

*Every participant is automatically entered to win a grand prize $100 Gift Card!!!
Hint. Hint. The answer to #1 is 🎤 Say my name, say my name 😂😂😂😂
Hint. Hint. The answer to #2 is YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! or it’s sequel YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND! The titles to both BOOKS BY YOURS TRULY, My Chérie Amour.

I’ll Be There ~ Jackson 5

Come See About Me ~ The Supremes 

Say My Name ~ Destiny’s Child

Leftovers New 

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Thanksgiving food, however, lingers on.  So, what do you do?  There’s the  good ol’ cold turkey sandwich. 😀. But, that’s so old school. So, what do you do?  I say out with the old and in with new, 

 A grilled cheese Mac&Cheese sandwich 😍 #ohmyooeygooeygoodness

🎵 And you, and you, and you…you’re gonna love meeeee

Beat it jive  leftover turkey!  The Mac&Cheese stole the turkey leftovers show !!! Maybe tomorrow.  Today, it’s leftovers new😄

Question: What leftovers have made into something new?  Pictures welcome.

#leftovers, #beatitjiveturkey, #mac&cheese, #iloveleftovers, #mynewboo, #allinthenameofleftovers


🎵 I gotta have YOU,  I gotta have YOU, I gotta have YOU

   🎵  See, you make me happy as I can be , Your love is a guarantee in a world of changes 

I say thank YOU!

Thank you everyone for the flowers  

for the plants 

 (My favorite plant, by the way 😉)

The  cards

 I’m touched!

The chocolate  

 (Oooooh, the chocolate!😍)

And the rest & relaxation  

🎵 Look at how you turned my world inside out,  I’m lovin’ what You’re about You won my faith cause also when you picked my life up again.

I say thank You!

🎵 You Make Me Wanna Dance


I feel the love and I just can’t thank you ENOUGH 😊.  

I Gotta Have You ~ Jonathan Reynolds 

You Make Me Wanna Dance ~ Rance Allen Group 

Q: What makes you, YOU? Why?