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Got Milk?!

Oooh!  What goes really good with a tall, cold glass of milk?????

#chocolatecake  🎵 Perfect combination. Love plus you and me.😍 




Perfect Combination ~ Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill 

Question: Do you love chocolate cake?  What goes good with it? And why?

The “B” Word 

Who you calling a    
Not that “B” word.   My #bad.    


Oh, you’re talking about that “B” word. #Bacon.
One day, I met Mister  


(Mister Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato that is) and let me tell you he is sizzling hot!  

Ms. Salmon 

 Sees him and  is grilled pink ( tickled/grilled. Get it?!)  

 “I love Bacon!”, she says.  So, he says 🎵 Let’s get married 😃 

Before you know it, Mr.& Mrs. have a baby and wah-lah!

 Salmon BLT was born 😍 #BaconDay #OhHappyDay

Question: What do you love with bacon and why?

I Love Music 

🎵 Flash light  

 Red light 

 (Not to be mistaken for Red Light Special by TLC….)

 Neon light  
   Ooh, stop light 

SING IT Parliament😀


Bah Humbug?!

“Bah, humbug!”  What is this ‘Bah, humbug!’ you say?   

 For example, if someone says to me “Your reindeer sweater is ugly?”  I would say to them “Who You Callin’ Ugly?!” 😳😗😂  They don’t know what they’re talking about!😜 And if I received such reindeer sweater wrapped in  

  I would open it up and say “Your comment is obviously pure humbug.”😀   


The word itself means deceptive or false talk or behavior; deceive or trick 

   But, wait!  I see the British have a different meaning 😀
 So, in honor of National Humbug Day, I say “Aaah , humbug!” 😃

 And also in honor of National Crossword Puzzle Day, December 21st, 


 The Love continues!
#TheLove  #December21st  #ILoveYouGrandpa  #AlwaysWill  #Allinthenameoflove.com   #MyChérieAmourTheAuthor 

Question: What do consider humbug and why?

The Love

Do you know what today is?!😀 

  It’s National Hard Candy Day!  

Growing up, my grandpa always had candy in his pocket.  Specifically, butterscotch candy. 😉 Grandpa would greet me with a smile, laughter and a hug. Then, he would reach down into his pocket and pull out a few pieces of candy.  Oh, the love I had for that butterscotch candy!  And oh, the love I had for my grandpa for giving it to me!😍

My grandpa may not be around for me to smile, laugh and hug, but oh, the love!  #TheLove The love is forever 😊. And the butterscotch candy, too😛 

Want one? 


Question: Do you have a favorite childhood hard candy and why?

Who You Callin’ Ugly?!

👏 U, g, l, y. You ain’t got no alibi. You ugly. You ugly. You ugly  



Who you callin’ ugly?!


I happen to think ugly is cute. Like an ugly  cute Christmas sweater. 

 #reindeerwearglasses  #prettycute

And look…

Ugly is now cute enough to eat! #HappyNationalUglyChristmasSweaterDay 

Oprah Magazine December 2015
Question: What’s ugly-cute to you and why?

Re-Gift?  Or No Gift?

Should you re-gift a gift given to you to someone else or not give a gift at all?  What do you think?????

😗 So, the answer is re-gift the gift given to you back to the person who first gave it to you.  #ohnoshedidnt  #hilarious  #happynationalregiftingday

Question: Have you ever received a gift that just wasn’t you and wanted to give it back? What was it and why was it not good for you?

My Girls

With the Fall season approaching, I’m making NEW FRIENDS     (http://www.mycherieamourblog.wordpress.com😄), I almost forgot about ALICE.

ALICE, Look ICasual Encounter, is my up-and-coming-go-to-gal. 😃.  She’s got my back; she’s got sol. 😉

🎵 Can’t stop how I feel (can’t stop), I’m diggin’ on you, you diggin’ on me, we diggin’ on we😍

In honor of National Mail Order Catalog Day, you’re right ALICE.  It is all in the details 😉.  Thanks, girl.

so, Lynda, after you get your WORK OUT OF THE WEEK (www.factsoflyfe2.wordpress.com😄) on, SAM, KIM & ALICE, My Girls, we got you!!!😜

Can’t Stop by After 7

#HappyNationalMailOrderCatalogDay, #allinthenameoflove.com, #MyGirls, #love, #you, #me, #shoes, #boots, #relationships,#Cantstop, #After7 😃, #MidnightVelvet.com

My First Love 

VIVIDLY, I remember it like it was yesterday…

It was a sun-shinny day.  The trees were moving in the cool breeze and I could feel it gently touch my face.  The country ( which is what I fondly called it growing up) was six acres of land, a golf course on the left, Dairy Queen on the right and in between them sat the house my grandfather built.  It was such a beautiful and peaceful place.

 As I looked across the land, I couldn’t help but smile and sink into the cushions in the back seat of the car as grandpa sat in the front seat behind the wheel “Sunday driving” ( even though it was Saturday) and enjoy the long car ride into the city.    We finally arrive at our destination.  My grandpa parks the car and I like a jack-in-the-box I immediately jump out of my seat ready to go.

We walk inside the store.  Grandpa quickly makes his way to the far back right of the store.  Standing there starring and trying not to drool as my heart skips a beat in my chest, I’m frozen in place.  It felt like eternity, yet it was really only a few seconds.  My hand reaches  forward, we quickly connect and before I know it we lock lips..   🎵 You are soft and wet (oh, sugar) 


  🎵 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing     

And just like that, you were gone 😩  🎵 I thought what we had was over , ooh hoo Here We Go Again Grandpa turned my frown upside down and another dozen for the road home. Aaaaahhhhh, with a painted on smile upon my face, this is the life !

Once back at the house, that sugar natural high fueled me!  The grass needed to be cut. ” I wanna help!!”  I jumped onto his lap and off we went riding the lawnmower into the wind cutting  the grass.  Afterwards, grandpa walked to the side of the house in front of the rose garden.  I watched as he cut the middle of one rose stem, then another and another.  Holding now what looked like a bouquet of flowers, grandpa walked around the house, into the back door and handed them to my grandma standing there in the kitchen. She took them from him and just that fast, grandpa was gone.  

I still  had energy to burn.  Grandma takes a vase from the cabinet behind the door, lets me help her fill it with water and one by one put grandpa’s fresh, cut flowers into the vase.  I smell them before she puts the vase in the kitchen window.

Towards the end of the night, my high is fading. Grandpa walks into the kitchen, opens up the freezer door and takes out some ice.  He then opens the refrigerator door and pulls out a few items.  Then, I see  

I begin to dump, he begins to pour. Lastly, ice on top and time to turn.  Round and round, round and round we go!  We stop and take a peak a few cranks later.  Round and round we go again. Before you know it,  

 🎵 I got some ice cream!  I got some ice cream.  Wanna lick?  Mmmm, mmm good.  Grandpa throws in some fresh black cherries before he puts it in the freezer to harden.  In the meantime, we go down into the family room.  He turns on the television, sits down in his favorite chair across from the television, I jump into his lap and we watch his favorite show while waiting for ice cream.

An hour later…. 


I’m singing again 😀  You scream, he screams, we all scream for ice cream!     🎵 Such a happy, happy pair. Love beyond compare, look-a-there, look-a-there. Where am I? Back down memory lane.  

🎵 Let’s do it again.   

🎵 Summer, summer, summer time 
🎵 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face…  

As I sit here this weekend reminiscing, I can’t help but say thank you national day calendar.  Thank you National Doughnut Day, thank you National Gardening Exercise Day and thank you National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

🎵 Love so many things I’ve got to tell you , but I’m afraid I don’t know how 
Then, I realize my grandpa introduced me to my first love.

Grandpa (and sweets!)…

 🎵 I’ll Always Love You for the rest of my days.  You have won my heart and my soul with your sweet, sexy ways

Question:  Do you remember your first love?  Share the love😊

Soft And Wet ~ Prince
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing ~ Leo Sayer

Here We Go Again ~ Isley Brothers 

 Memory Lane ~ Minny Riperton

Let’s Do It Again ~ The Staple Singers 

Summer Time ~ Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ~ Roberta Flack

Love ~ Musiq Soulchild 

I’ll Always Love You ~ Taylor Dayne