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What a Day!

Saturday, May 9th, was six months to the date I held my mom’s hand and kissed her goodbye. L❤️VE YOU FOREVER ( November 2019 post), I should re-post, I thought to myself.

Then, Sunday, Mother’s Day, came. All I could do was smile, and cry at the same time. Smiling because beautiful, bright flowers made me think of her. And sad because those same beautiful, bright flowers made me miss her. I’m glad she’s not her for COVID 19, I would worry waaaaaaay to much. At the same time, it’s COVID 19 , it’s Mother’s Day; 

🎶 I miss you, there’s no other way to say it and I can’t deny it 💔😪

Now, it’s Monday 

🎶It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling good

1) I watched Celebrity IOU with Michael Bublé. My mother’s mom, my grandma, Mi Abuela, loved his music. 

2) Bublé’s grandfather built the house he spent a lot of time with him. My grandpa, my mother’s father, built the house where she grew up.

3) And I found this from my mom….

And she wrote this on the back to me









Friday night..


time to #Unwind

Unwind Restaurant







And Sunday…






#I.  #Cant.  #Even.  #Explain.  (I love this hat!!! #NoPicturesPlease  #NotToday  #lol )

  What  An  Awesome   Weekend!!!



🎵 Beans

🎵 Beans

Coconut Lime Beans from foodnetwork.com
🎵 Good for your 

🎵 The more you eat, the man you 

🎵 So, eat some beans in every meal. 

🎵 The more you eat, the better you feel.😄 


I remember singing that song growing up. Every time I ate beans, I sang this song 😛

Happy National Eat Your Beans Day?

Question: Did you eat your beans today?