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Today is

Awesome Ocean
#shrimpscampi day! Scream.

Oh, Wonder Woman…

Comic Vine-GameSpot

Yesterday, NationalSuperheroDay.  #mysuperhero. 

So, today it’s you and me against the world.😀 



And night 

It’s you and me , girl 😉 



W. W. W. (Wondering Wonder Woman) 


and ME 😄 ,  that’s who!!!!

Question: Who’s your superhero and why?

#Back In The Day 

Lisa, rebirthoflisa.wordpress.com, let’s go back. I’m talkin’ #Back In The Day.  When it comes to Wonder Woman,   I’m talkin’ the original brick house 😉. I’m talkin’ superhero themes of all themes, Yes! I’m talkin the original Wonder Woman, the more-to-love (wink! Wink!) girl herself! I’m talkin’ 
 Lynda Carter herself! . She’s got boobs, she’s got hips! That’s my girl right there!😃 lol. Get your photo shoot on, my friend! Do it!