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Dem Bones 

Dem bones, dem bones….Diy Pretzel Marshmallow Bones from Pinterest Pretzel Marshmallow Bones, dipped in white chocolate,  from Pinterest.

Make no bones about it….  Well, actually I did make dem bones!  

That’s a “sweet” relationship!😄 

Happy Halloween!

Question: Are you currently involved in a “sweet” relationship? What? The why?

Close Enough 

🎵 Do you know what today is?

Yes, it’s TGIF 😀 #ThankGodItsFriday 

And yes, it’s a three day weekend 😃 #MLKweekend

But, it is also National Strawberry Ice Cream Day #Iscreamyouscream #weallscreamforicecream😄  

Oooh!  It’s pink.  It’s white.  It melts in your mouth and it’s yummy in my tummy.  Close enough 😛 

What a great Friday gift!