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Re-Gift?  Or No Gift?

Should you re-gift a gift given to you to someone else or not give a gift at all?  What do you think?????

😗 So, the answer is re-gift the gift given to you back to the person who first gave it to you.  #ohnoshedidnt  #hilarious  #happynationalregiftingday

Question: Have you ever received a gift that just wasn’t you and wanted to give it back? What was it and why was it not good for you?

Relationship Status 


Say it!  Claim it!  Own it!   Ask and you shall find.  Better yet, ask and you shall receive.  Put it out there!  Now, I didn’t say put out! 😳 I said put it out there, it being your relationship status.   First and foremost ( I always wanted to say that😉)!, let’s  just get that out of the way!  I need to know😊

If your relationship status is “complicated”, keep it movin’.  If you are married (legally, common law or otherwise), get to steppin’.  Relationship status is important (to me).  Need I say more?!

Question: Is someone’s relationship status important to you?  Why or why not?