Kicking Off Summer- A Chocoholic’s Guide

🎵 I ‘m so excited 😀

Agatha Chocolats

The heat is on!


It’s a frustrating time of year for the chocoholic. All of our favorite things are melting around us. But, don’t fret. This summer, you can have your chocolate, and beat the heat, too. Here’s how:

Smooth on a Cocoa-Kissed tan, without the harmful rays of the blistering sun.

Use a self-tanner, such asChocolate Sun.

Slip on a pair of Chocolate Fudge BrownieFlip Flops.

Make a splash with a ChocolateIce Cream Float.

Then, dry off with a luxuriousGolden Wonka Towel.

Cool off with anIced Chocolate(recipe by Taste and Tell Blog).

And refresh your palate withChocolate Salted Watermelon Wedges.

Cheers to Chocolate in Summer!


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