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Now or Later

Things that make you go “Hmmm…”

While dating, you want to know certain things right out the gate. For example, you want to know their age, occupation and maybe what was their longest relationship? You might even want to know why it ended, right? So, why are some questions reserved for later? Like, are you married? Do you have kids? Do you want (more) kids? Do you live with your parents?

Better yet. Why are some things unspoken of until later? Like do you have kids out there in the world that you don’t claim? Do you even like kids? Do you want to get married? Do you want kids before or after you’re married? What is your religion? Do you still live with you parents? Or, do your parents live with you? Do you have or have you EVER had a sexually transmitted disease?

Live in the land of “and”….


Why not ask ALL of these questions now?
(you’ll thank me yourself later.)

25 World’s Best Places To Visit

Interesting. I know people who want to travel to foreign countries whereas I find traveling somewhere I don’t know the language a frightening concept. If I can’t speak the language, I can’t understand if the natives are laughing at me or with me.
Thanks for sharing!

Optimistic Kid

While looking at different travel websites I stumble upon a list of cities to visit.  It’s called “25 World’s best places to visit” (link to the list here).  After looking at the list I noticed that I have been to a few places on that list, but I never really thought much about it, I guess what I’m trying to say is, even though I always want to travel I actually had been to places that people dream of going to, but never made me feel like I was in a special place.  For example, I go to San Francisco at least once a year and I always have a good time, but I never looked at it as a place that I would put in such a list.  Same goes to New York and D.C.  Don’t get me wrong, those are beautiful cities but for some reason I…

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Friends & Lovers

In his song How Can We Be Lovers, Michael Bolton poses the question ‘How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends?’ Ooh! Ooh! I know! The answer is: YOU CAN’T!

People always say they’re in love, dating or married to their best friends. So, how do you introduce them to others? Let’s think this through.

Who do you talk to when you’re feeling down? Who do you share your deepest, darkest secrets with? And who do you go to about your love life? Your best friend, right? So, on the flip side. Who do you go to to about troubles with your best friend? Who’s shoulder do you cry on about the job? Money matters? Your goals and dreams? Your lover, yes? Well, what if they are one in the same? Who do you turn to? Who are you talking to and who’s talking back? If you’re angry at one, who’s going to be there for you? When you curse out your man, what’s your BFF going to say when you tell ’em? What if you get kicked to the curb or call it quits with your love, is your BFF going to be there to pick up the pieces? Are you thinking what I’m thinking???? Sing it Xscape: Who Can I Run To?
Now, let me be Dr. Phil for a moment…How’s that workin’ out for ya?

Before you know it, you’re going Halfcrazy like Musiq Soulchild singing saying Cause when we kissed, the moment after I looked at you different…Damn I just want my friend back!

Question: Do you believe in homie-lover-friends? And who’s your favorite?

A Plethora of Passwords

Wow! Not only did you give a plethora of misused passwords (which I must say some were pretty funny!), you gave a plethora of information! My brain was on overload, dazed and confused at times. Like, DONT’S of don’t write all your passwords down, don’t email them either, but DO’s of having a password manager online. Huh? Isn’t that the same as a DON’T?
I digress. Thanks for sharing and I am going to share as well.

The Daily Post

There are a number of irritating things experts insist you must do for your own good: eat nine servings of veggies a day; maintain a diverse retirement portfolio; check your transmission fluid every month. Most of us ignore a lot of this advice, because there’s no end to it, and our lives are complicated enough.

As a habitual good advice ignorer myself, I realize that when I tell you I’m here today to talk about passwords, you’ll want to tune me out. But wait! Good password hygiene is more important than flipping your mattress.

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What Are You Going To do?

The other night, I began to flip through the TV channels and stumbled across a new reality show called It Takes A Church. It’s a brand new reality dating show that takes place in the church community. This episode there were three male contestants and a young lady whom would choose two out of the three men to take her out on individual dates. After the individual dates, the young lady had to choose one of them to continue dating towards developing a serious relationship.

Contestant #1: A father with a young daughter and baby mama (drama????)
Contestant #2: Believes family comes first over spouse
Contestant #3: What’s his issue? Nothing. Just an all around good guy.

Who are you going to pick? She explains, contestant #3 is someone she would turn to for advice, like a brother. Contestant #2 said family comes first over your spouse; she disagreed and needed to know why he didn’t agree with her. Contestant #1, she wanted to know more about the baby mama. Hmmm, what’s his story.

So, what are you going to do girlfriend? Drum roll please….
Hit the road, jack, my brother, good guy, #3! Really? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! You say you would go to him for advice, right? Then, that makes him a good bad guy??? You only turn to good bad guys for advice, right ? After all, that’s why they’re good bad guys!! Oh-Lord-help-me-her-Jesus!

I’m thinkin’ it takes a church, a hope, a wish AND a prayer for you, girlfriend to find a mate! Good-googly-moogly! It’s madness I tell you. And there’s always a method to the madness! ALWAYS. Do you want a partner or a project when it comes to a mate???? Inquiring minds want to know.

Just like Zapp & Roger, I know it’s So Ruff So Tuff out here. But, you gotta Think, think, think like Aretha Franklin. When you feel the loneliness, lust Love like Musiq Soulchildyou can sing Sweet Love with Anita Baker and be ready to Co-Sign like SWV instead of being So Sick of love songs and so tired of tears like Ne-Yo, and letting anybody AND everybody hear you Roar like Katy Perry. Come on now! Get with the program!

Question: What was your dating/mate challenge and how did it turn out?