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Just because there’s no war… Poetry

Well said. Well said.

Booky Glover

Just because there’s no war

Doesn’t mean there’s peace

Because we are not dead

Doesn’t mean we are living

Just because we aren’t crying

Doesn’t mean we are happy

Because we are smiling

Doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling the pain too

Just because we try to be normal

Doesn’t mean we aren’t possessed

Because we flow with the tide

Doesn’t mean the system is okay

Just because we dine and wine together

Doesn’t mean we are equal

Because you don’t feel the heat

Doesn’t mean we don’t vibe with speed

Just because there no room for madness

Doesn’t mean we are not crazy here

Because we stay cool

Don’t think we can’t get really hot.

Some of us are really trying hard to be normal

You have no idea.

Written by AbdulAfeez Ibraheem, 2016 used by permission. He blogs atIread.Check his poetry out…

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 What Are You Going To Get Me For Christmas?

Standing in the store waiting in line to pay…..

Boy says: “Can I get this please, Mama?”

The mother says: “You’re seven years old. What do you want with that?”

Boy says: Can I get something else?”

The mother says: “No.”

Boy says: “Can I? 

Mother doesn’t answer.

Boy says: “Can I walk over there and walk right back?”

Mother doesn’t answer.

Boy says: “I promise. Can I?”

Mother says: “Santa’s not going to bring you anything.”

Boy says: “What are you going to get  me for Christmas?”

Mother says: “My love.”

Boy says: “No. That’s not going to cut it.”

Mother says: “Excuse me?! ”

Boy says: “I don’t want that.”

Mother says: Excuse me?!”

Boy says: “What are going to get me for Christmas?”


Question: So, I ask you the same thing.  What are you going to get me for Christmas? How would you answer this question?????


I cannot tell a lie ( Well, I could but won’t. Lol).  I love me some 

Recently, I found a new love….

🎵 I ‘m looking for a new love , baby

Noooo! It wasn’t even like that. It just happened…



Hot chocolate


I mean it’s the next best thing since, well 

Hersheys Store


🎤 Loving you is easy ’cause you’re beautiful 😄 

🎵 Jump, jump to it 

MY MAAAN (Morning, Afternoon And At Night), Here I come!😍  




Question: What new love have you discovered? And why do you love it like you do??

Loving You ~ Minnie Riperton

Jump To It ~ Aretha Franklin 

Quiz: Which Reading Nook is Perfect For You?

I’m a window seat, what about you?!!! On your mark, get set, GO! 😃

Bethany House Fiction

It’s been a while since we had a quiz on the blog—and since every reader loves to dream about their ideal reading location, here’s a way to explore the book nook you wish you had!

Books on a bookshelf


What do you think? Sound like a fun place to read? Feel free to share with your reading friends!

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