Today’s the Day 

Of all the days, today is the day of all days.  Today is the day I love. #ilovethisday 

Why?  Because it is the second best day ever (first day, of course is my birthday!). #bestdayever  What day is it?!   It’s National Popcorn Day!😀 

🎵 And you, and you and you, you’re gonna love me
 Oh, yes I am!!!!  
So,  lock the door
and throw away the key 😛 

  First, I’m going to start  with a snack
OMGOODNESS!!!  There are so many choices up close and personal 😍 

Then, I’ll work my way up to dessert  😉
Cheers, Darling!
Mmmm. Maybe next time 😉 
And I Am Telling You (Dreamgirls) – Jennifer Hudson 







Question: What’s your favorite snack and why?  Is yours a national celebration?

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